torsdag 5. desember 2013

OVO-Tech eggsentrifuge

Eggsentrifuge fra Ovo-tech

EGG CENTRIFUGE MODEL UDTJ-150 with the automatic output of empty egg shells is used for cracking hen eggs and the production of fresh egg mass. It can process eggs of any grade, both the whole and broken ones. It is intended for the plants which need fresh egg mass supplied in a continuous way.
Principle of operation: Eggs are put into the machine in which they are cracked and centrifuged. The egg mass flows off
through the outlet pipe into the container; the appliance cleans itself from shells by ejecting them
outside into the container placed under. 
Other information: 
- the whole case of machine is made of stainless steel 
- built-in safety cut-out limiting switch protecting from unintentional starting the machine 
- only one person is enough to operate the machine 
- the machine does not separate the egg white from the yolk 
- egg mass is homogeneous and does not need additional mixing 

Technical data:
Performance: approximately 20 000 pieces of eggs per hour recommended capacity 11,000 pieces of eggs per hour.
Max, up to 900 000 eggs/monthly.
Weight: 68kg
Power supply: 3 x 380-400V 50Hz
or if machine is equipped with inverter 1x 220-230V 50-60Hz
Sound level: approximately 78dBA

Power input: 1.1 kW

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