fredag 5. oktober 2012

Høstkampanjer fra Bemo


CAB enriches his range of products with the new series MisSofty. A machine with a vertical patented system that allows the production of soft ice cream and frozen yogurt. Despite the electronic central box the MisSofty keeps an ease of use thanks to the temperature regulation through a simple key board. The use of an agitator expressly made for this type of machine, allows to work with every type of mix, making the MisSofty a versatile and reliable machine. Besides, the innovative position of the probe below the tank and not inside the product, protects the probe from any type of damage or tear. The new side panel in one piece is equipped with a plastic cover that protects the switches from any type external damage. The new tap allows a better outlet of product while keeping it completely clean after each dose of products.


- Power absorbed : 350 W
- Tank capacity : 5.5 Liters
- Size (L x W x H ): 200x480x680 mm